Meet Elena Letkova from Murmansk.
(Elena Viacheslav Letkova)
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If you have arrived at this page, it is most likely arrived through a search engine looking for Elena Letkova. That's a good thing. The bad thing? Now you will find out what she is interested in. A way out of Russia. But there is more; read on.

Ms. Letkova and I dated for about a year and a half. We traveled to France, Thailand, and I to Russia. I applied for a marriage visa in March 2007 and spent a lot of energy and time fighting with CIS. She finally received the visa on January 6th, 2008. We had made plans on how she was to arrive in the USA and had planned our beginning of life together. Everything was very agreeable and wonderful.

Then it happened on January 6th 2008. We began to arrange for her air tickets to the USA. Note: we had discussed all our plans in advance. We had a schedule for her and another for her daughter (who would stay with her sister) and travel at a later date after completing school.

Elena was to travel early January and stay until early June to return and perform some housekeeping and return with her daughter. It is an Immigration requirement for a K-1 visa that the married couple live together and prove so to Immigration in about three months after the marriage to obtain her residence and travel papers. Without travel papers, Elena could not leave the USA and return.

The moment came to purchase the air tickets. Elena announced a new plan to arrive early January and return home to go back to work on February 28th. This would be two weeks after we were to be married. The visa requirements were again explained to her. She had two options. Arrive and stay until she had travel papers, or wait until June to arrive with her daughter and stay.

Elena stated that neither of these two options would work for her. She could only get six or seven weeks vacation from her work and would then need to return.

WOW ! Am I missing something here? Elena had completely re-written our plans we had for months with her own plans that would not work within Immigration laws. She would not compromise with her new plans. What happen? Elena would not tell me what the real reason for her new plan. Only to trust her.

I think the problem lies with her Daughter. She is not happy about leaving her home and friends in Russia. I assume that mother was planning to come here, get married, return home to her daughter and use the intimidation of her new marriage to convince the daughter to finally agree to leave Russia. Just think if that plan failed. I know that mother will never leave her daughter alone.

Then I remembered a story she told me about another man some years earlier that wanted to marry her, but they couldn't agree on schedule timing (that's how she put it.)

If you have made contact with Elena Letkova, be careful. You have now been WARNED.

Elena took me for a couple of very expense trips (Europe and Thailand) and had me pay for travel to Moscow U.S. Embassy, and kept a $5000.00 diamond ring. Not to mention the other gifts I sent her.

Her favorite place to advertise is as sweet-ellena. She still is checking her account every couple of days as of May 9th 2008.

If she interests you? Be smart and move on. Also feel free to contact me if interested.

Photos she uses on Lucky Lovers.

In India.

In India.

Photos I took.

Skiing in Murmansk

Dinner at her home.

In Thailand for two weeks.

In Thailand.

Here is nasty little Nastya. She is very smart. Watch out for her.